Brace yourself America, the non-Establishment anti-Brick, 1 million more Apps than Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, fully-functional, independent smartphone on the wrist is now here "for the people".  Introducing the unique, different, even magical - Android 4.4 InWatch model Z.

Hotspot to Apple or Android. Wifi in the home or office plus unlocked 3G service.

If you live in NY, Chicago, D.C., Atlanta, or LA then request a discount for being among the FIRST in your city to experience the new 6th Generation Z Phone. Send the contact form to receive special launch code.

6th Generation Model Z

Gold Bezel

Silver Bezel

Black Bezel



The smallest, lightest weight smartphone ever, worn as an accessory.




Use voice text and speakerphone while driving on the road.


Go anywhere with built-in GPS.


Play YouTube, watch Netflix, facebook, twitter, instagram, take pictures and 360 degree video.




Go out in the evening for a wine tasting, soiree, nightclub,

leave the 'brick' at home or lock up in the glovebox,

forward calls/text, and never miss a beat.



Powerfully Small Hardware

The 28nanometer ARM Cortex A7 dual core 1.2GHz processor provides the computing power for Z. Nanometer technology connects circuits at a microscopic level providing 50% higher speed, 50% reduced energy consumption when switching on & off, a technical framework for power saving, and the perfect system optimization. Performance and power dissipation in a smaller package allows more standby time so your watch will be running when you need it.

  • 28 Nanometer ARM Cortex A7 Dual Core 1.2GHz Processor – Power to spare for all your apps and calls.


  • MALI-400MP Graphics Chip – Dedicated 2D and 3D chip to ensure Z can game, watch videos and navigate with ease.


  • MiraVision HD Display – MediaTek brings full HD support to small screens with this amazing software / hardware combo.


  • TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD – What gives Z a quick refresh of clear, stable images with low power draw.


  • Six-Axis Sensor – Terrestrial Gravity, Terrestrial Magnetism, Accelerometer and 3-axis gyro.  On your wrist.  Oh, the possibilities!


  • 5MP Camera – True 5MP sensor that captures stills and 720p video


  • Gorilla Glass 2 –Z will be looking pretty for a long time with these two gorillas protecting it.


  • Hydrophobic Nanocoating – Done by the best in the industry, Z can take a splash and go on with its day. Don’t swim with it but don’t stress the occasional rainstorm either

Leading Edge Software

The user interface for inWatch Z is designed around notifications, connectivity, and quick app access. This will allow users to query online services and control other devices using simple voice commands. It also improves Z's fitness tracking abilities and enhances how that collected data is shown to the user. Z comes packed with great software but can also download apps from the Google Play store so you can add all your favorites right to your wrist.

  • Notifications – Get them right on the watch unlock screen for easy viewing and just tap to reply.


  • Connectivity – Z sports GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi and 3G to ensure you are prepared for anything.


  • Quick App Access – Customize the Unlock Screen, the Widget Panes and (of course) the Home Screen with your favorite selection from the Google Play store.


  • Android 4.4 – This is the heart of Z, a full stack Kit Kat OS that just heaps on the functionality.  Wifi hotspot on your wrist anyone?


  • inStep -  Our built in pedometer to tell you how active you have been.  Always good to know and more accurate than one that is in your pocket.



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